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Lucky Rummy apk has been launched recently. In which you get a sing-up bonus ₹ 39. This application brings you a very good gaming plan. Because this Lucky Rummy app is going to be really lucky for you. Because if you add money for the first time in this application. So you get that money after one day 100% cashback game.

How To Details Lucky Rummy Apk?

App NameLucky Rummy
VersionLatest Version
Size44 MB
Sing – Up₹60 – ₹500
Add MoneyUnlimited
Withdraw Money₹100 – ₹100000
Refer & Earn30%
Official WebsiteClick Here

How To Register Lucky Rummy App?

Lucky Rummy App Download
Lucky Rummy App Download

For new players please click play as guest Then proceed to register your mobile phone number by clinking your avatar icon. Click the Bound Button. Fill out the information with your mobile phone number and set your own desire password. Click OTP (One Time Pin) then will receive code through text. After you received the code click confirm to completely registered. Welcome and enjoy the game!

How to bonus and cashback Teen Patti Rummy Apk?

Lucky Rummy Apk Download
Lucky Rummy Apk Download

If you bind your mobile number for the first time in Lucky Rummy. So you have got a bonus of Rs 1260 as the first bind mobile in it. yah bonus you step by step. In this, I try to tell you all the information about how to take all the bonuses in this article. With which you can easily get all the bonuses. If you download for the first time. Be sure to take all the information so that you do not face any kind of problem and you will also be entitled to all the bonuses.

TASK 1 — First of all you have to download Lucky Rummy. Then after that you have to bind it with your mobile number. As soon as you lie down, you have to read the notice-fiction in it carefully.

TASK 2 — When you are fully logged in, then you have to do the first recharge of 1000 thousand in it. Like you recharge in it. You have got a cashback of Rs 600 for the first recharge. OR Cashback will show you the match of your game at 12 o’clock the next day. Which you can claim in your game wallet.

TASK 3 — Then if you recharge 1000 rupees in it for the second time. So in this you have got a cashback of Rs.660. Which shows you in the mail box of the next day’s game icon. After which you can claim and receive in your game wallet. With this spread you get a bonus of Rs 1260.

How To Withdraw Lucky Rummy Apk?

Rummy Lacky Rummy
Rummy Lacky Rummy

If you want to withdraw money in this application. So you can remove it very easily. This application gives withdrawal thrice in a day and you can withdraw from minimum Rs 110 to maximum 50000 thousand rupees. In this, you get the option to withdraw money in two ways. How to withdraw money, read all the information carefully and send your money to the account

Step 1 – First of all you have to install this application in your mobile device, after that you have to login.

BANK – First of all you have to create your account in it. You have to click on the withdraw button of your game icon. As soon as you click, you get two options in it. So first of all you have to choose the bank and fill it completely by entering your account number and your name.

UPI – You have to save your UPI in UPI. Then you can send your money from game wallet to account. In this, you can also send both through Bank or UPI. Which comes directly to your account within 2-3 minutes.

How To Add Money New Rummy App?

Lucky Rummy Mod Apk
Lucky Rummy Mod Apk

If you want to add money in this. So you can add money in very easy way. In this you can add unlimited money in a day. In this you can add minimum ten rupees. So let us know how to add money to it. You should understand all this information carefully so that you will not face any kind of problem. If you are a new user then you must pay attention to this article step by step.

STEP 1 – To add money to it, first you have to click on withdrawal in your game icon. Then after that you will see a lot of amount in it. In which you have to select your amount. That’s how much money you say to add in it.

STEP 2 – As soon as the Father selects his own name. So you have to click on add chips. Which will take you straight to the browser. From there you can do KYC and make your payment through UPI. Which is immediately shown in your game wallet.

How To Refer & Earn Lucky Rummy App Download?

Lucky Rummy App Download
Lucky Rummy App Download

In this application if you refer to someone. So you get a bonus of up to 30% in this. Because if you send it to a friend also. And if he plays the game by downloading it through the link sent by you, then only you get commission. Which you can also send to your account. In this, if you can earn a lot of money even by referral. Because the more you share in this, the more you get the benefit. This application is absolutely real. It gives you real money.

How To Share Bonus Lucky Rummy Mod Apk?

Lucky Rummy Mod Apk
Lucky Rummy Mod Apk

If you want to make money from share in this application then simple first of all you have to click on share button in your game icon. After that you get three options to share. You do slurry by any of the three of you. So you get a friend’s free bonus of ₹ 80 to ₹ 100 in this. This bonus is given to you by the game company.

STEP 1 – Only then you get share bonus. When you click on the share button, share through the copy link and play one thousand games from your sent link. then you get this bonus

How To Daily VIP Claim Lucky Rummy Apk?

Lucky Rummy Apk
Lucky Rummy Apk

If you have downloaded it and logged in. So you get free bonus daily in this. For which line you have to click on the VIP of the icon in your song. As soon as you check, you get some money. Which you can take daily by scratching. You will get this bonus forever. Which you can claim and add to your game wallet.

VIP 0 – 0000
VIP 1 – 500000
VIP 3 – 10000103060
VIP 4 – 30000154070
VIP 5 – 80000205080
VIP 6 – 150000256090
VIP 7 – 2500003070100
VIP 8 – 4500003580110
VIP 9 – 7500004090120
VIP 10 – 115000045100130
VIP 11 – 165000050110140
VIP 12 – 235000055120150
VIP 13 – 325000060130160
VIP 14 – 435000065140170
VIP 15 – 565000070150180
VIP 16 – 715000075160190
VIP 17 – 895000080170200
VIP 18 – 1105000085180210
VIP 19 – 1345000090190220
VIP 20 – 1915000095200230

How To All Game Lucky Rummy Apk?

In this you can earn good money by playing any game. Because this application is giving you many games to earn you. Which you can earn a lot of money by playing. Because in this you have been given more than twenty games. which you can play And you can easily earn money sitting at home.

Car RouletteZoo Roulette
Dragon Vs TigerTeen Patti 20-20
Fishing RushBest Of Five
Andar Bahar7 Up Down
Teen PattiPoker
10 CardsBlack Jack
3 Card PokerBaccarat

How To Popular Offers Lucky Rummy Apk?

  1. First Deposit and the second deposit will be presented with a total of ₹600 rupees
  2. ₹ 5 rupees free upon download and login
  3. Recharge accumulatively every day, apply foe the distribution of huge cash rupees the next day
  4. Upgrade VIP level, login every day, every week and every month to get huge rupee cash
  5. Recommend friends to play games and earn unlimited commission. for details, refer&earn

How To Daily Recharge Bonus Lucky Rummy Apk?

Total depositBonus

Activity rules: Eligible members need to apply for cash rupees reward from online customer service on the next day. There is no game limit, Complete 1 time of running water. Activity rules: If the game, mobile phone number and IP address are the same, the company has the right to refuse to distribute the bonus

How To Support Lucky Rummy Apk?

If you play any game So you must have faced some problem somewhere. So in this application you don’t have to worry. Because this application is also giving you online support. So that you face any kind of problem in it. So you can take online support in this application immediately.

How To Q&A Lucky Rummy Apk?

  1. What is minimum amount of recharge – Minimum recharge is 10rs, maximum amount of recharge is unlimited.
  2. How To make a withdrawal – Click withdraw on your game lobby, then select the withdrawal option you want ( bank or UPI ) and enter your desire amount to withdraw, then click withdraw.
  3. What to do if you forget your password –Click forget password button to set again a new password. Fill out the asked information and then click OTP ( one time pin ) then will received code through text. After you received the code click OK to completely change your new password. it can be seen on log on.
  4. What is wagers Required – Wagers are the required bet that you need to complete before you can withdraw money from your game account.
  5. How to play – The introduction are inside of every game, you con find it on the diamond at the top right corner of the screen.

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