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Teen Patti Yes Apk | New Rummy Teen Patti Game – Get 1555

Welcome to Teen Patti Yes Apk. We are most popular chess App in whole India, Highest winning rate, Highest bonus waiting for you. Because in this you are getting many games to play. This is very popular and earning application. So what’s the delay, download it quickly and earn money sitting at home.

How To Details Yes Teen Patti Apk ?

App NameYes Teen Patti
Size 41 Mb
Minimum & Maximum Withdraw₹110 – ₹100000
Minimum & Maximum Add Cash₹10 – Unlimited
Sing – Up Bonus₹60 – ₹500
Official WebsiteClick here

How To Create Account Teen Patti Yes Apk?

Yes Teen Patti Apk
Yes Teen Patti Apk

Please click play as guest, then register your mobile phone number by clicking your avatar icon. click the bound button. Fill out the information and set your own desired password. click OTP then will receive the code through SMS. Fill the code after you receive it, click Confirm to complete registration. Welcome and enjoy the game!

TASK 1 – If you first download this application and bind it with your mobile number. So you get a free bonus of Rs 60 to Rs 500 in this. Arrives in your mail box thirty minutes after registering.

TASK 2 – If you have registered in this, then how do you get the money for task two. So first you have to recharge 500 rupees in it. As soon as you recharge, you get this money added to the game wallet. With which you can play games. Then you get this money through Next Day Cashback. which shows in your mail box. From there you can make a claim.

TASK 3 – In this, if you add 500 rupees again, then you get 555 rupees in the form of Next Day Cashback. Which will be shown in your mail box on the next day at 12 o’clock in the day. Then you can claim from there and add it to your game wallet.

How To Money Withdraw Teen Patti Yes Apk?

Teen Patti Yes Apk
Teen Patti Yes Apk

In this if you want to withdraw money. So first of all you have to log in to it. After that you have to go to your game home page. As he goes to his game home page. So that gives you two options to withdraw money. You can send money through both the options. To withdraw money, first of all complete your wager, as you add the amount of money. Play that much game. Then you can withdraw your money in this way.

  1. First of all you have to open your game. After that you have to click on withdrawal of your game home page. As soon as you click So you get two options to withdraw money.
  2. BANK: In this you have to fill your account number and IFSC code and your details. Who fills your details. So you have to save Then you can send your money to your account.
  3. UPI: You can also withdraw money by entering your UPI in it. By which you can get your money in your account. UPI like Phone Pe, G- Pay etc.
  4. Withdraw: You can withdraw minimum 110 rupees in this. And the highest can withdraw up to 50000 in a day. This money comes to you in your account within 5-10 minutes.

How To Add Money yes Teen Patti?

yes Teen Patti
yes Teen Patti

If you have downloaded and installed it in your device and you are thinking to eat the game and you do not know how to hide money in it. So you don’t need to worry about it, you will play by adding it at all. Then you can earn money every day sitting at home. Because in this you get a lot of games to play. So how to add money. know

  1. First of all you have to click on Pay on your game home page.
  2. As soon as you click on Pay. So a lot of amount comes openly in front of you. In which you have to select your amount. In this you can select from minimum 10 rupees to 100000 rupees.
  3. As soon as you select your amount and add chip. So it takes you directly to the browser. And you have to do KYC only then you will be able to make your payment through UPI and Debit card.
  4. KYC – KYC – can be done by entering name and mobile number and email.

How To Refer & Earn Teen Patti Yes App?

Teen Patti Yes App
Teen Patti Yes App

If you save it with your friend, then you get a referral bonus of 30 percent in it. You get unlimited this bonus bonus. To get the bonus in this, you have to complete three steps well. so that you keep getting the bonus. You can earn this bonus forever. This company gets bonus.

  1. Get Refer Chip- After your complete registration and KYC
  2. Get 30% of friends Tax amount – The more your friends play the more you earn
  3. Earn Unlimited Chip – When add a new referral are you friend plays. you get bonus every time! Chip bonus will be credited to your account Directly Everyday.

ICC MEN’s T20 – If you play ICC MEN’s T20 by registering in this application by downloading it from your shared link. So in this you are given separate commissions by the game company. 2% commission to the referral out of the stake no matter the sub – player win or loss.

Weekly Bonus – This is the weekly extra bonus for the agents with good records. the agent extra weekly bonus will be delivered each Money. You have to claim the agent weekly bonus in one week, witch expire one week.

Last Week Bonus FromLast Week Bonus ToWeekly Extra Bonus

Progress Bonus – You will be able to have progress bonus as 1/2 as your progress. when its minus, your progress bonus is 0. This is the weekly progress bonus for the agents with good record. The agent weekly progress bonus will be delivered each Monday. You have to claim the agent progress bonus each week, otherwise it will expire after one week.

  1. Example – Bonus for last week is 4394, Bonus for last week is 14544, Your Progress is 1/2 of 14544 – 4394 = 10150 ! You will be able to claim the progress bonus as 5075.

How to game notice Teen Patti Yes?

  • Monthly Cash Back If you download and play this Teen Patti Yes. So you are given a free bonus by the game company on 20th of every month in this. You will always get this bonus. If you add that much money to it. So you get 50% of it in the form of cashback. You get all these bonuses in the mail box of the game home page. From there you can make a claim and it gets shown in your game wallet.
  • Super Cashback – If you complete the recharge in any APP before May 2022, simply bind your phone and Rs1155 will be automatically sent to your mailbox. note- all bonus need 1X code. If you don’t receive the bonus in 30 minutes, you are not eligible.
  • First recharge reward – If you recharge it for the first time. So you also get recharge bonus by the company in it. which you can understand in the table.
First recharge reward BonusWithdrawal restrictionsEvent description
5000+355No need to apply,
10000+5551X Codeautomatic delivery
50000+3555at 30 minutes After
  • Daily rewards – If you recharge it daily. So you also get daily bonus in it.
Total recharge for a dayOrdinary member BonusSpecially invited members BonusWithdrawal restrictionsEvent description
500+5-1515-50No need to
1000+10-3030-100apply, automatic
3000+60-9090-4501X Codedelivery at14:00
5000+100-150150-750the next day.
10000+200-300300-2000Bonus will be delivered by
30000+600-900900-6000mail Box.
  • You tube Promotional – This application is very useful for you. Because if you promote it through YouTube, then you are given a separate bonus by the game company.
  • You Tube Promotional Bonus Down Table
Activity EligibilityVideo contentTimes watchedBonusWithdrawal restrictionsReceive
Teenpattiyes APP game1+5Enter the customer service
introduction100+35system to provide a youtube
All membersin more than 30 seconds500+551 X codelink and game ID. which will
and exclusive1000+155be automatically send to
link attached.5000+355the mail box after completion.
  • National Agency Bonus – The agency income reaches the highest 15-30% . If you share this With your friends, you are also given a sharing reward by the game company in it. Which you can claim by clicking on the share. Which will come to your game wallet

How to daily VIP claim Teen Patti Yes Apk?

You also get daily free bonus in Teen patti Yes App. To take which you have to open your game and click on the VIP button of the game home page. Then you can get free bonus by clicking on Sing in Bonus. In this you get three more bonuses.

Teen Patti Yes App
Teen Patti Yes App
  1. Weekly Bonus – You get this bonus after seven days by the game company.
  2. Monthly Bonus – You get this bonus after one month by the game company. that you can get.
  3. Level Bonus – To get this bonus you have to play the game then you can get the bonus. Because as much as you recharge and play the game. So your level also increases. After that you can take the level bonus.

How to share bonus Teen Patti Yes App?

Teen Patti Yes App
Teen Patti Yes App

If you download it and sing up. So you get the share bonus along with the register bonus in this. If you click on share in it, share it with your friends by copy link. So you get a friend’s share bonus ranging from Rs 80 to Rs 100 in this. If you want, you can send the money from the shares to your account. In this you will not ask for wegar. This bonus can be sent directly to the account.

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How to All Game Play Teen Patti Yes Apk?


How to Question and Answer Teen Patti Yes Mod?

Q. What is the minimum amount of withdraw?

Ans – Requires wagers are the sets that need to compiere adore you can withdraw money from your game account.

Q. How to make a withdrawal?

Ans – Click withdraw on your lobby button side. than select the withdraw option you want ( bank or UPI ) and enter your desired amount to withdraw , than click withdraw.

Q. Minimum Cash out Teen Patti Yes?

Ans – Minimum cash Out 110 rupees.

Q. Minimum and Maximum Add Money?

Ans – Minimum and Maximum 10 & 100000 rupees.

Q. How to refer and Earn Teen Patti Yes Mod?

Ans – Refer And Earn Unlimited.

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